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Friday, June 14, 2013

This stock is on steady HIGH ALERT!

Wanna get rich quick? Then don't pay attention to this e-mail.

Here's another Pump and Dump from our friends in California. The message claims to com from johoman.com, it's a domain that doesn't resolve. Most likely a spoofed message...

Don't buy it. Delete and buy a lottery ticket; you have a better chance there.

Spam e-mail text;

Thursday Alert & Sure Bottom Bounce Run Immediately!!! H_A I R looks
to get the #1 play in the Micro-Cap game to a Low Bounce the
following and this time. We re placing H_A I R perfectly for your
subscribers and signaling this right at the base with significant
liquidity and large upside from those levels short run. With prs
developing and investor awareness about to peak we presume H_A I R is
a great investment opportunity for our members that want to see quick
fast term returns. H_A I R may be doing heavy volume in the last 3
days as trader interest rate beginning to grow. H_A I R sold high as
.43 cents on Monday. Now's where we at kicking our members from the
to acquire H_A I R while its very inexpensive and ready to Recover up
trading higher short-run. Add shares of H_A I R on June, 13.

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