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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shipping Info for you@yourdomain.com

The SPAM filter picked up this one today and I've had a couple of recent client calls about this type of e-mail and another one that claims there is a "New Fax Waiting". The e-mail contains an embedded link that will attempt to compromise any system that visits it.

The message originated in Provo, Utah on an ISP called Unified Layer. The IP Address that sent it was The claimed sender's address is saadi@ihc.com.sa . The company at ihc.com.sa is an insurance broker that has likely been compromised.

Don't believe this. It is an attempt to infect you!

Delete it and move on with your day!


Purchase Notice
Please see the shipping information Date ordered: October 13/ 2014
For your information that the item is being shipped to you.
We also included delivery file to specified address.
Order No: 104213335
Order total: 1779.07 USD
Processed date: Oct 13 2014.

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