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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cathleen and Mark

I haven't received one of these in a long time due to our filter capturing the vast majority of all the SPAM that hits our servers. This one made it through because it came from as client's personal account on AOL that we have whitelisted. Someone, somewhere, got hold of their password as is sending out spam. If you get one of these, they aren't really where the e-mail claims.

Although it claims to be from Simferopol, Ukraine, the message originates at IP Address in Ashburn, Virginia. It was sent on an MCI network. It routed through AOL in New York City.

Delete the e-mail, Don't read it, don't respond.

Do contact your friend and tell them that they've been compromised. A heavy scan and password changes are in order.


Hello ,
Sorry to bother you this time but this seems to me more than a dreadful ill-luck for me and my family.I am in Simferopol (UKRAINE) right now for a short vacation and unfortunately i ran out of cash, i have tried to access my credit card from the cash machines here but it keeps saying network errors.
I also tried to withdraw funds from my own bank account here but the lady at the paid desk informed me that i can't withdraw from my account here in a foreign country,wondering if i could get a quick loan of ($2,900 USD)  from you to clear some little things here and also take a cab to the airport i promise to refund it as soon as i get back home later this week.
I anticipate your response .
Cathleen and Mark

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