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Monday, January 27, 2014

Nonsense Random Word Email Spam - What I call Flak Mail

E-mail flak, at least that's what they used to call it, is a bunch of random words and quotes. What's most strange is that it appears to have no purpose to the recipient. However, this isn't the case.

The senders behind these e-mails, most often a botnet,  can have many agendas, from checking if they've found an active e-mail address (looking for auto-responders and people just curious enough to respond), poisoning  your spam filter, or trying to obfuscate a hack into the recipient's bank accounts. If these e-mails happen to be showing up in your inbox in large numbers, delete them and check your bank accounts and credit cards. It's possible there may be an identity theft in the works.

Some good search phrases to find more info are; random word spam , nonsense email , Bayesian poisoning , nonsense spam , random spam

Or just follow these links -

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Flak spam email content;

Subject line;
General Challe also gave himself up to the authorities on 26 April, and was immediately transferred to the metropole.

Message Body;
Under Hickinbotham's captaincy, Geelong did not lose a single game in the 1886 VFA season on their way to the premiership.
A connection to the middle school allows the sharing of some courses between schools.
However, some sources consider Madrid as his native city. France blamed the failure on personnel shortages.

Explosive weaponry caused a higher ratio of injuries to deaths than small arms. [pete.d@spardi.com]

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