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Monday, November 18, 2013

Phishing Scam Calling Verizon Users MyVerizon45.com

This Phishing Scam calls direct to cellular users, claiming to offer a $45 credit on your Verizon statement. Don't visit the site they refer to. MyVerizon45.com is not a real Verizon site. Don't fall for it and move on with your day!


Monday, November 4, 2013

Yahoo! Email Recycling

Update: Yahoo! Email Recycling

Yahoo! recently announced that they would be recycling old user email addresses and providing current users with a chance to take over these addresses. While they assured consumers that this wouldn't pose a risk to customer privacy, this is turning out not to be entirely true. Some consumers are reporting that they are receiving emails with personal information (such as usernames and account log-ins) meant for the previous owner of the email address. Yahoo! rolled out a "Not My Email" button that users can press if they receive information meant for someone else, but this relies on user honesty to protect personal information. For more information, and tips on how to protect yourself if you are a Yahoo! email subscriber, visit our blog: https://www.allclearid.com/blog/update-yahoo-email-recycling.

Fake Netflix Emails

Scam Alert: Fake Netflix Emails

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers of a new scam involving fake emails that appear to be from Netflix. The emails warn customers that there is a problem with their account, and urges them to click a link to update their payment information. This link will take customers to a site created by the scammer to steal your information. To avoid the scam, don't click on links in unsolicited emails from Netflix. In addition, only make updates to your account on the official Netflix site, not via email. To read more about the scam, visit this blog: https://www.allclearid.com/blog/fake-netflix-email.