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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Statament August 2014 ID: 5463709.xls - Statement August 2014 ID: 5463709.xls

OOPS! An unwanted e-mail slipped through our SPAM filter today. This is entirely possible and illustrates that not every filter is perfect.

How'd they get through? Well, a recently hacked or created e-mail account may not have a history of sending SPAM/viruses and  a new threat that hasn't been found in the wild and it was sent to an address that is forwarded to my main e-mail. Tough circumstances, but if everything lines up right a SPAM message can get through. In theses situations remember the old rule; Never open an e-mail from someone you don't know.

This e-mail that originated from the IP address in Tokyo, Japan on the ISP Asahi Net Inc. It claims to be from Deirdre Silva <Lourdes@avflakkee.nl> in the Netherlands and contains a zip file named August_ID_5463709.zip that is likely loaded with a virus.

Watch out for this one!