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Monday, May 19, 2014

You have received a secure message

Looks like Bank of America has something important to tell me... OR maybe it's just another attempt to hack a computer?

This is one of the most official looking attempts I've seen in a long time, to infect a computer. The e-mail appears comes from a legitimate BAML.COM e-mail address. The link in the message body is a real BofA website. However, the link in the PDF file that Effie Velasquez attached leads to a site that will download an infected .SCR file onto your system. Don't be fooled!

The spoofed e-mail originates from stressful8@roycollc.com and came from IP Address in France Choisy-le-roi. The ISP is Orange S.a.


You have received a secure message from Bank of America Merrill Lynch

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If you have concerns about the validity of this message, contact the sender directly.

First time users - will need to register after opening the attachment.
Help - https://securemail.bankofamerica.com/websafe/ml/help?topic=RegEnvelope