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Monday, February 24, 2014

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Here is another piece of Flak Email. Our SPAM filter is blocking a lot of these nonsense emails lately. This points to an increase in attempts by spammers to circumvent SPAM filtering solutions. The random words in the e-mail are meant to confuse spam filters. More info about these random word e-mails here; Flak Mail

This one came from I.P. address on Wind Telecomunicazioni S.p.a located somewhere near Milano, Italy. The IP Locator cam up with Castel San Pietro and Bologna as possible locations as well.

If you receive one of these don't reply, you will just verify that you are a live address. Delete it and block the sender.

Spam mail text;

Interactive Global Composite Weather Satellite Images. Johann Wilhelm Gruban, who had come to England in 1893 to work for an engineering company, Haigh and Company. Tamizh and Thulasi still do not know whether to believe Charu or not as they have guilty feelings towards Charu. During the fight, an accidental clash of heads caused a cut and Ayala was deducted a point. The set design at Big Thunder Ranch included a 50 Mickey icon on Santa's chair when Santa took over the Ranch. After a long day of hard labor, his cabin would have to be heated with chopped wood and water melted for drinking and cooking.

Punk later added the stipulation that if Mysterio were to lose at WrestleMania, he would be forced to join the SES. Due to this involvement with a terrorist organization, Chiquita's board members have even been requested in extradition. This commemorates 10 years of performing on Beale Street. Locomotives were commonly sandwiched between a pair of autocoaches, allowing a maximum of four to be used. Moisten the soil pots regularly. She said she was retiring because of her young daughter, Emma, her family and that she did not have the motivation to continue.Added Murray's point that he was presumably a member of the learned society. It was acquired by May in the wake of Federated's 1988 acquisition by Campeau Corp. Maria Branwell, the headmaster's niece. Rebecca, Hunter, Clemens, and Beckwith descend through the interior of the planetary crust toward the metropolis.
It was here that Billy Sing began in earnest his lethal occupation. Also in 1935 he was nominated as deputy head of the technical department and starting in March 1939 as head. There are sizable number of scheduled tribes, who constitute an integral part of Hindu community. However it was not until after August 1945 that you saw the level of research increase in engineering psychology. The primary school in Culloden is named Duncan Forbes Primary, after the family. The industrial buildings that house the center were constructed in 1919 by the municipal architects Casariego and Bustelo. Consequently they react to loads along their own length, in tension and compression, but not in bending. They made up only 3.
Nakayama became very famous in Japan, and would eventually boost the sport of bowling. The appeals were narrowly rejected when the SNP National Council debated the report of the Appeals Committee. The more the opponent coated in it moves, the more difficult it becomes to move freely. In 1778, this mountain was connected with the poem from the Shijing and Chaoyang was given its current name. Crops were grown on a small scale in the 19th and early 20th century. Streetscape on Massachusetts Street between Woodward and John R. They disbanded in early 1969 to pursue other professional interests. Belgian Shepherd Malinois on top of tank.
An Historical Gazetteer of Butler County, Pennsylvania, pp. He remains silent about his pain, knowing that Senator Roark would execute anyone who ever found out the truth. Current weather conditions for both the summit and base of the mountain at the town of Cass are available below. The district has four elementary sites, a middle school, and high school. Martin architectural firm, which had also designed the original church structure in 1920. Gore rules north of the border. To introduce a system of measures for management. The D4 U series was fitted with the more powerful D315 engine. Named after George Moses Horton who was a slave in Chatham County who taught himself how to read and write. Earthshine picture gallery on SkyTrip. Switzerland, and 28 or 5. DB was to acquire all the shares in EWS as soon as contracts were signed.
In 2005, Bright FM launched a second transmitter on 106. The mirror is placed at a 45 degree angle above the wheel so that you can see the front and top of the wheel at the same time. It rented space in several houses and other locations for the year it took to build the new library. San Michele starting from 1914.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Very important information. Please read

More of what I call Flak Mail, also know as Random Word Spam, and Nonsense Email Spam.

This was intercepted by our SPAM filter from it's origin address (Velco Globalnetwork) in SAN PEDRO SULA, CORTES, HONDURAS.

If you receive one of these delete it right away. Don't respond.

Why are we getting these? Follow THIS LINK to another post about these and find out! It's a bit like poking around to find a soft spot.

I like the absolute random word mash represented in this particular one.

Flak Mail Content;

Below is a list of few Jola instruments. May, 1958, preparing for her next deployment to the Mediterranean. In the 1960s and 1970s they performed regularly together on Dutch TV. Follows the investigation of two U. In doubles, he and Pajkowski lost in the first round. November 1, 1938, photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt.
Bureau, of the Army General Staff. Lad's name, earning the collie the Honorary Crosses of both groups. Meanwhile Oscar and Hank invest imaginary money in the stock market and try not to lose their imaginary shirts. West ham essex 1961.
Very frequently these were characterized by impatience, sarcasm, and frequent quipping to give them personality. Not that they are more prominent than other award programs, but they are no less than others mentioned here either. I have hitherto lived in. April as she had to return to Japan for permanent repairs after hitting a rock in February. Over time, all of the anchors with the exception JCPenney and Montgomery Ward would be changed several times. In 1888 Georges Head was chosen as the best place to observe and fire underwater mines, the latest in harbour defences. Leah Quimby left in May 2006. The present pattern is that two meetings of the Board take place each term.
Pulver countered the technique and followed with his trademark left hook which landed flush on Hallman's chin. Sands Station 1939604 ceb64412. In 1876 it was transformed into a city park. Sixth Council of Arles, 813, can.
Political Handbook of the world, 1991. Cadets assist with community service events, parades, crowd control, security, and other special details. Only one of Ruth's seven siblings, his sister Mamie, survived past infancy. RASD Plan Phase Activities.
In August of that year 5000 students aged between 15 and 35 left madrassas in Pakistan to join the Taliban. German and largely abandoned patriotic topics, leaving only articles concerning general news and religious matters. Chief Architect of the project. Innerferrera has an average of 118.
Established users can send a Wikipedia message. He then proceeds to go into detail of how she stole his brothers car and saved her drunk cousin. The new sandwiches include the Spartan, Quatro, Giza, Titan, Erupter, and Pompeii. Bush stated that he had no inside knowledge and that his financial advisor had recommended the trades. Her words are direct. The deal was delayed until the next day, when Greer completed his move to the Albion. I am shamed, lying naked on the floor. IIHF Championship Silver Medal.
Don Finlayson in the show. Testing of this type of memory has been used when researching the effect of emotion and context on memory.
He was apprehended on April 8, 1955 after killing six people. Momiji and Rachel TGS 09 cosplayers.