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Monday, January 6, 2014

Domain Registration SCAM

UPDATED! See Below.

This isn't a message I received personally but it's from a client of ours. I'm posting it as a public warning!

This scam is one all domain owners should be aware of; Asian Domain Registration Service. - www.diicl.org - One look at their site tells you all you need to know about them. We've created a custom blacklist just for these guys!

Don't fall for this! This e-mail is real. They will try to get a domain name owner to register multiple domains through their service by attempting to scare you into thinking that someone else is trying to register your business/domain name. It is a scam! Any domain you like can be registered through the service you already use (GoDaddy, Directnic, etc.). There is no need to communicate with them. Don't even e-mail them back.

UPDATE! A while back I received an article from Christopher Hofman Laursen that has more info on this scam. Here's the link; http://www.europeandomaincentre.com/pages/news-room/domain-management-news/hey!-got-an-email-from-china-domain-name-registration-center-asian-domain-registration-service-in-china-the-department-of-registration-service-in-china-etc.

Bad E-mail Text follows;

On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 2:48 AM, Lex Ren <lex@diicl.org.cn> wrote:
(Letter to Head of Brand Business or CEO, thanks)

Dear Sir or Madam,
This is a formal email. We are the department of Asian Domain Registration Service in China. Here I have something to confirm with you. We formally received an application on September 9,2013 that a company claimed MLSN Investment Ltd were applying to register "YOURDOMAINNAME" as their Brand Name and some domain names through our firm.
Now we are handling this registration, and after our initial checking, we found the name were similar to your company's, so we need to check with you whether your company has authorized that company to register these names. If you authorized this, we would finish the registration at once. If you did not authorize, please let us know within 7 workdays, so that we could handle this issue better. After the deadline we will unconditionally finish the registration for that company.Looking forward to your prompt reply.
Best Regards,
Lex Ren
Tel:+86-551-6343 4624
Fax:+86-551-6343 4924
Address:Ningguo South Road 14, Hefei, Anhui, CN

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