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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Don't spend the summer dateless. Search pics now on Facebook Dating App

 Dating spam... How original!

The sending server for this message is in Los Angeles, California. The e-mail comes from fbdatingapp@cayhub.net. The links in the message refer to cayhub.net. Maybe this is legitimate? The domain listed in the message is the same as the sender's domain, right?

It doesn't matter. This is an unsolicited e-mail with no unsubscribe option listed. The owner of the domain cayhub.net is in Ohio. Things are not adding up.

Delete, don't click the links!

Spam Message Text;

Meeting singles - made simple

Ready to step up your dating game?


Lose weight and never feel starved again

Here we go with another weight loss scam/spam from another fake Dr. Oz. This one is claiming to come from http://www.arioliafro.it , an industrial products company in Italy. They've been hacked or spoofed. The sending server is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

All the links in the message (I attached the stripped message to reveal them) point to a Russian website selling, you guessed it, Green Coffee Bean Extract. Shocking, I know...

Don't click the links, just delete the message.

Spam e-mail text;

From :    pete.d@arioliafro.it
To :    me@mydomain.com
Subject :    Lose weight and never feel starved again
Date :    08/23/2013 03:53 MDT
Status :    Quarantined by Spam policy (score 99.9%)
Sender IP :

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August 23, 2013

Lose weight and never feel starved again http://mirise.ru/?53fe11f1021a9df824ef=17d649e8a544ba3f326cac7442e07f

By Dr. Oz

Another hot season is almost over and you have wasted it again! We know that obesity is a frustrating thing and we do realize that you have made numerous attempts to lose excessive weight but failed to. Finally we have wonderful news for you: there is a brand new natural product that burns at least 12-16lbs. a month. You do not have to do anything. Live your normal life, eat the things you usually consume and get slimmer every single day.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Oxitamin Spam Comment

In an effort to keep me entertained, anonymous users are leaving me spam comments. Excellent! I'll post them whenever I get them. I'm sooooo extremely magnificent!

This is more health/vitamin/weight loss spam. Don't give these guys your time or money. It's a rip-off.

Spam Comment Text;

Excellent goods from you, man. I've bear in mind your stuff previous to and you're just extremely magnificent. I actually like what you've acquired here, really like what you are saying and the best way during which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it sensible. I can not wait to learn far more from you. That is really a wonderful website. Visit my web-site; http://oxitaminsite.org


The U.S. Department of Justice is e-mailing me!

Not really... It's just a spammer.

It comes from dept_ofjustice.gov@outlook.com. The USDOJ doesn't use Outlook.com as their e-mail provider; clue number one that this is a bogus message. A quick query of the sender's IP address ( shows that it is coming from either London, England or Dublin Ireland. The warning lights are flashing.

Special thanks to Outlook.com for vetting their users so well...

This message was blocked because it had an infected file attached. If you receive one of these don't open anything. Just delete it!

Spam mail text;

View the attached file for email details

Best Regards

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This stock is at forefront of boom!

Here's stock spam. This one is coming from IP address in Sydney, Australia. All the message includes is the link to a binary options trading site. I performed a quick search on "traderush scam" and found page upon page of reviews that seem pretty fabricated. Sometimes the one shouting loudly is the one to ignore. Add that to the fact that the sender's e-mail address claims to be from a user at quintiles.com (a company that is based in the U.S. and that doesn't appear to have an Australian office) and the warning lights should be going off all over the place.

It's not an accident that a spam message contains a link...

Stay away, don't visit, delete.  


The Forever Flashlight

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Product to Lose up to 15 lbs.

Who wouldn't like to lose a few extra pounds, right? Well, if you respond to this e-mail you'll probably get a virus and maybe lose a few extra bucks as well. 

Yet another Green Coffe Bean scam, this message claims to be from Dr. Oz and shows a stolen physical address of 10051 Carver Road, Suite 210, Blue Ash, OH, 45242 USA. The address belongs to a legitimate media company called FW Media Inc. and and doesn't appear to be affiliated with Dr. Oz in any way. The sender's address shows my first name coming from anka.cc; a domain that resolves to mail2.netfront.net. This is most likely an account set up by a hacker on someone else's mail server to send out spam.

See how nothing is lining up here? Bad Physical address, domain doesn't match, someone with a similar e-mail address as the recipient, anka.cc doesn't resolve to a website. Just that much wrong should warrant an automatic delete. 

Digging deeper, I stripped the message below to show the source code, note that all the links lead to a .ru website; including the link to "unsubscribe". That's Russia for those who don't already know. The e-mail's source IP address is is located in Lanus, Buenos Aires, Argentina and is owned by Cablevision. Every way it is sliced, this e-mail stinks.

Delete it, don't click the links, don't visit their site, move on with your day!

Tired of getting e-mail like this? CONTACT US, we'll set your business up with the SPAM FILTER we use and you won't have to deal with these scammers anymore.

Spam Mail text;

View this email with images » <http://hilingsof.ru/?5770c3c25e4d6cbb=d7b8da448c4185245ffa7>        
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*     8 Ways to Bust Through a Weight-Loss Plateau <http://hilingsof.ru/?5a0ac4597682dd7=8296a6dae59f8a3b171d5a29de6e>

This email was sent to: user@sidsolve.com by OZ Media
10051 Carver Road, Suite 210, Blue Ash, OH, 45242 USA

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Im online now

This funny little piece of Junk Mail hails from Lima, Peru. The sender claims to be from the domain aragontello.com; a domain that shows a 403 Forbidden if you bother to visit it. The sending IP address,, belongs to Telefonica del Peru

Don't feel too special, it's a scam. Delete and move on with your day!

Spam mail text;

I am Queen. Guys say I am hot and I tend to believe them :)
What I need is a hot guy like you! Saying "hot" I do not really mean cute face or crazy muscles :)
I like having fun. I simply adore sex. I am full of fascinating ideas, so you will never be bored with me, I promise!
Maybe we can
chat online?
See you online!

Good Day !!

Good Day Indeed! A good day for another silly scam. I find it difficult to believe that anyone falls for these but, it happens everyday. Beware of all e-mail; Google for anything even slightly suspicious.
Coincidentally this piece of SPAM comes from the giant Google mail servers in Mountain View, California; IP address to be specific. Yet the message poses as being from dbinibrahim@yahoo.com. It just goes to prove that anyone's mail servers can be put to misuse.
In a sad attempt to appear legitimate the scammer has placed a link to an old Defense.gov news article from 2005. So very clever...
Don't fall for it; delete.
SPAM scam text;
Dear Friend,

I must say sorry for interfering into your privacy without seeking for
permission. It's because of urgency of this matter, I'm Datuk Ramli Bin
Ibrahim, Director in charge of audit and account unit department, of HSBC
Bank here in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia, I have decided to contact you for a
mutual beneficial transaction with 100% Risk Free.

In Jenuary 2005, a lady working for the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based NGO
Management Sciences for Health (MSH) moved some cash from Europe to our
bank. As her account officer she instructed that I should put a hold on the
fund that was supposed to go to Afghanistan pending on her return or
further instructions.

In the following month being February 2005, she got involved in a plane
crash in Afghanistan and the fund remained unclaimed till date. As her
account officer, I was aware that nobody knows about the movement of the
funds except her team who was also involve in the plane crash.

Please, you can view the news on this website:

I want to utilize this opportunity and make use of this fund by
transferring the money to you. I want to work with you on it. The amount
involved is Twenty-Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars
Only. {US$22,500,000.00} .

Please send your reply to this email address: dbinibrahim@yahoo.com and
lets benefit from this golden opportunity. You are my first contact. I
shall wait for days and if I do not hear from you, I shall look for another

Kindly furnish me with the following information:

A: Your Full names
B: Your Residential Address
C: Your direct telephone number
D: Age
E: Occupation.
F: Gender

Waiting for your reply soon. Have a nice day!

Yours Faithfully
Datuk Ramli Bin Ibrahim,