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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Lose Weight Fast

I really don't like scammers and charlatans that prey on overweight people. Don't fall for this crap, delete the spam. Losing weight doesn't have to cost anything. It isn't complicated, but it also isn't easy. It only takes one thing; discipline.

There is no secret.

Here's what to do;


Work out at least an hour a day, every single day, until your heart pounds - no shortcuts, no excuses - (jumping jacks, pull-ups, push-ups, planks, windmills, run, jog, walk fast, swim; whatever your Doctor says is OK for you to do)
Don't do the exact same exercises everyday, mix it up (whatever your Doctor says is OK)
Drink eight glasses of water spread throughout the day, everyday.
Don't drink anything that is sweetened with any sweetener (including diet pop; artificial sweeteners are garbage too)
Don't drink any fruit juice labeled as a "cocktail" - it's mostly sugar water, not fruit juice.
Don't eat any desserts, at all, NONE (doughnuts and muffins and the majority of the crap in the Starbucks case are all desserts)
Don't eat any carbs (bread, pasta, doughy stuff) after 2:00 PM (or 8 hours before bedtime)
Eat only grilled proteins from things with no legs or two legs (Fish and Poultry), No beef, no pork. Wild game is the only possible 4 legged exception.
Eat fresh veggies
Eat fresh fruit
Eat a little bit of unsweetened grain cereal every morning, this is mostly for the fiber

and for good measure, TALK TO A REAL DOCTOR

Did I mention talk to a real, accredited, legitimate DOCTOR?

This spam comes from pete.daojue@altapressaorio.com.br via a server in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. It's my suspicion that this is from a bogus account due the resemblance to my own name in the greeting. I can't be sure of that though; might be a hacked account or a spoof of an account in Brazil.

Junk Mail Text;

Oprah Health Newsletter

If this email doesn't look right you can
view it here.

Hi pete.d
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Now it is clear traditional diets and exercises are bound to lose to your urge
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