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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Don't forget about me.

A letter from Wilma. I mean, really, how often am I going to get a chance like this? Ha! Wilma wants us to visit her Russian dating site. Yea, I don't think so...

This one was sent from a phony e-mail address, from what I can only guess is a compromised server at Anthem Kids Dental; qmjktvshz886 @anthemkidsdental.com. Doesn't look very legit does it?

Delete, don't click the link, Don't paste it into any browser. Maybe it's a dating site or maybe not. I don't know and I'm not going to bother finding out. If you happen to know the person that sent the bad email, notify them and let them know something is not right.

SPAM email text;

Come on over soon ;)


Monday, April 29, 2013

Read on why this one can run!

The spammers are pushing this Pump and Dump really hard! How can we resist their siren call? Pretty easily...

This time the spam is coming from a hacked or spoofed e-mail account at blumenhaus-oldenburg.de , a garden center in Germany. 

Don't open it, don't read it, delete...

Fake email text;

Urgent alert on GT_R_L. Films could be treated alike financial
vehicle by Bureau. Bureau of Economic Analysis is substituting
estimating USA earnings. A show can be distributed month after month
be will treated as a cap investment it could be analyzed afterwards
so the stock cost would skyrocket!!! Movie group GT_R_L must be
counted greater then a 2 dollars!!!

Name: Get Real USA
Ticker: GT_R_L

This valuation method is not present yet, trade now purchase 6000
total of GT_R_L on April, 29th!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

It could really break out big...

Here we go again, yet another Pump and Dump scam our SPAM filter blocked. This one from a hacked account at an emory.edu email account. What is it with University e-mail accounts getting hacked? Like I don't already know...

Tough thing for the hacked victim; now their address (and possibly their school's entire mail server) has been blacklisted. They'll have a tough time e-mailing legitimate stuff to anyone who is filtering for spam.

This hack risk can be mitigated a bit by using a strong password; something like 1'veBeenH@ck3d! perhaps. : ) If this came from someone you know inform them that they need to change their password and scan their systems for bugs.

Needless to say, delete it, don't buy it, move on.

Fake e-mail text;

Immediate signal on G_TRL!!! Cinematography ought be presented alike
cap investment by BEA. Bureau of Economic Analysis is changing
valuation federal revenues. A cinematography shall be sold decade
after decade be will accepted as a financial asset it could be
valuated later so the stock value shall explode. Cinematography firm
G_TRL can be bought more then a 4 USD!!!

Company Name: Get Real USA, Inc.
Tick: G_TRL

This valuation method is not present yet, add asap purchase 2000
shares of G_TRL on Monday, Apr 29th, 2013.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Enormous Gains In 2 Days

Yet another Pump and Dump scam picked up and blocked by our venerable SPAM filter. This time from a midco.net address that has been compromised. There is little safety using shared e-mail services. Tired of spam? We can help.

Don't click the message, don't buy it, just delete and move on.

Phony e-mail text;

Could S_C XN become the next acquisition candidate for British Petroleum?
Brit Petroleum dedicated 36 Bill eliminating it's previous oil spill.
What money would BP give to eliminate that 36 Bill cost, minimize harm to
the planet and corporate image?
Scout Exploration, Inc provides a novel and crucial solution for oil spill
solution. Buy S_C XN before it gets it's financial potential grab shares
under dollar on Apr 22nd!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

News Alert

I got this important News Alert from someone at huntington.edu ; I'll refrain from publishing their e-mail address. It's a chance in a lifetime that will help get someone else get a lot of money from you.

It's called pump and dump... Delete. Don't buy it, don't bother. If you received it from someone you know notify them that they've been hacked. Kindly ask them to scan their compromised systems and change their passwords.

Fake e-mail text;

Wonderful intelligence for L_BTG - Liberty Coal - that will
turn huge returns!!!

Acquisition offers are back on the table that will boost
L_BTG prices up to the $.20 - $.30 range. Right now L_BTG is
selling for a very low price, so the profit potential is
over the top. Even Management want to buy L_BTG because of
their enormous coal find that can bear shale oil. Take
action now to get rich on this news ahead of the rest of the
public. Buy all the L_BTG you can find on Monday, April 15,